Anastasia Vasilakis’s paintings are textured conversations. Her drawings are emotional representations of ongoing inner monologues that began in childhood and continue to this day. Her works transform text into powerful physical landscapes.  

The results are images that represent love, loss and exploration. These text images are like signatures, each one different, intimate and personal. Each creating a tangible energy to each observer. Anastasia uses a wide variety of tools: including all sizes of watercolor brushes, watercolors and Asian inks.

The size of the paper can range from 2 by 2 inches to 10 feet squared. She has been commissioned to create pieces for a variety of major venues in Berlin, Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta and New York. Anastasia’s work can be found in numerous collections international collections, including Don Ed Hardy, Ted Allen and Michael Schaible.


2016 City Winery Atlanta
2015 City Winery  Nashville
2013  Corporate Collection Berlin  
2012  City Winery Chicago
  City Winery NYC

Solo Exhibitions
2005 Time Warner Center, NYC
2005 Gramercy Post, NYC


2000 California Polytechnic University Digital Exhibit
2000 Open Center, NYC
1999 National Boston Video Center


2015, International School of Paris
2013, International School of Paris
2007, 2008 School of Visual Arts
2007, 2008 The New School
B.F.A. Pratt Institute
Lives in Brooklyn, New York. 

B.F.A. Pratt Institute
Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.